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28th Nov 1998

I'm 10 years old, from New Jersey, USA.

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My Interests
My interests:
  • Music: House/Hip-Hop
  • PC Games
  • Sports: Basketball
  • Sports: Skateboarding, Rollerblading
  • Web Publishing/Design

I am into programming because I like to my Webpages and files for Windows 3.1,95,and98.
I like to play Basktekball. I play for the St.anthony's.
I like to RollerBlade it is my favorite thing to I RollerBlade in the park mostly everywhere.I RollerBlade with my friend Jimmy.
I like PC Games I have like a million.I have one disk of games that has over 200 game now thats unbeleiveable.
My favorite Hip Hop artist are Puff Daddy,MA$E,Busta Rymes,Lauren Hilland MyaX.

Favourite Links

this is a webpage made by me and my bro

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